Thursday, 22 October 2015

Introduction with tables using HTML

<Table  border="1" cellpadding"10">

 <td><img Src="CIIT.png" height="250" width="400"></td>
 <th colspan="3" bgcolor="lightblue"><FONT COLOR="darkblue" FACE="Geneva, Arial" SIZE=7> Comsats Institute of Information Technology</FONT> </th>
    <td><img Src="download.jpg"height="300"width="500"></td>
    <td colspan="3" bgcolor="lightgreen"><FONT COLOR="BLACK" FACE="Geneva, Arial" SIZE=3> Comsats is located in chakshehzad islamabad.Comsats Islamabad is 

offering degree in BS in Computer science, bioinformatics,mathematics bi osciences ,psychology and electrical engineering.Apart from that it is providing 

degree of masters in mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering.The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the 

South (COMSATS) is an international organization. It aims to reduce the ever-growing gap between the developed and developing world through useful 

applications of science and technology. The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) initiated the proposal for the formation of COMSATS under the leadership 

of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Abdus Salam.</FONT></td>
   <td rowspan="4"bgcolor="lightblue"><FONT COLOR="BLACK" FACE="Geneva, Arial" SIZE=3>Vision:<br>
CIIT aspires to be both one of the top research institutions and one of the best higher education providers in the country. It envisages becoming a 

university by the name of “COMSATS University”, for which the legal documentation is under process with the Government of Pakistan. The vision being pursued 

by the CIIT is to become one of the top 100 universities in the developing world. The CIIT further intends to earn a place among the top 500 universities of 

the world by the year 2020</FONT></td>
     <td colspan="3" bgcolor="lightblue"><FONT COLOR="darkblue" FACE="Geneva, Arial" SIZE=7>CIIT’s Rankings & Reputation<FONT></td>
     <td colspan="3" bgcolor="lightgreen"><FONT COLOR="BLACK" FACE="Geneva, Arial" SIZE=3>International:<BR>CIIT is ranked among top 250 Asian Universities 

as per QS University Rankings 2014.<BR>CIIT has been awarded three Stars rating out of a total of five by QS Star Rating System in 2013. Besides, five stars 

have also been awarded to CIIT in Teaching, and Learning, Facilities and Engagement. </FONT></td>
     <td colspan="3"><FONT COLOR="BLACK" FACE="Geneva, Arial" SIZE=3>National:<BR>CIIT has been ranked number 02 in General Category in 2014.<BR>Ranked 

Number 1 in Computer Science and IT Category in 2012.<BR>CIIT has also been ranked number 04 in overall universities within Pakistan in 2014.</FONT> </td>



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