Monday, 30 May 2016

Galaxy tool

Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform for data intensive bio medical research. It is a scientific workflowdata integration, and data and analysis persistence and publishing platform that aims to make computational biology accessible to research scientists that do not have computer programming experience. Although it was initially developed for genomics research, it is largely domain agnostic and is now used as a general bioinformatics workflow management system.

Galaxy snapshot

Galaxy is also a data integration platform for biological data. It supports data uploads from the user's computer, by URL, and directly from many online resources (such as the UCSC Genome BrowserBioMart and InterMine). Galaxy supports a range of widely used biological data formats, and translation between those formats. Galaxy provides a web interface to many text manipulation utilities, enabling researchers to do their own custom reformatting and manipulation without having to do any programming.
It provides workflows to do 
  • NGS analysis
  • Targeted genome analysis
  • whole genome analysis
  • variant discovery
  • ChiP-seq Analysis
  • gene expression studies
  • De novo genome assembly
  • SNP and Indel detection
  • Genomic resequencing Variant detection